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Are you gonna buy my music? Jet catalog acquired by BMG

M Jet 061423

Jet‘s catalog is now in the hands of BMG.

The international music publishing company and record label has acquired the global royalty stream to the Australian rockers’ first two albums, 2003’s Get Born and 2006’s Shine On.

The deal also includes the Australian and New Zealand rights to those two albums as well as global rights to Jet’s third, most recent album, 2009’s Shaka Rock.

“With big decisions like this it comes down to personal relationships,” says Jet drummer Chris Cester. “We’ve known the BMG team for years. We’re already with BMG for our publishing and they do what they say they’re gonna do. That’s a rare thing in this business. Sooner or later you figure out that’s the only thing that matters, if you’re serious about what you do.”

Jet broke out with Get Born and its singles “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” “Rollover D.J.,” “Look What You’ve Done” and “Cold Hard B****.” After releasing Shine On and Shaka Rock, they broke up in 2012 before reuniting from 2016 to 2019. Jet has since reformed again to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Get Born with an Australian tour, which kicked off in September.

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