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Amy Lee says Evanescence is ready to start writing a new album

Evanescence plays with a full orchestra at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis on July 7th, 2018.
Photo by Ben Vogelsang | Idea Machine Productions for 105.7 The Point

Amy Lee of Evanescence says that the band is ready to start working on some new music. She told Heavy Consequence, “We’re ready to start writing a new album now, and we really wanted to get back to our roots before going down that path. The orchestra thing was so beautiful and so different. It made us really grow in different directions and work in a way that was outside of all of our comfort zones, until it got comfortable. But, up was the new down. So, we wanted to get back to the heart and root of our sound as a band and start playing together to get in the mood for the next thing.”

As far as the direction of the album, Lee says that the band is open minded right now. She explained, “We’re definitely just feeling the camaraderie and brotherhood of each other being on tour together. We’re all crammed into one bus with my son included, so it’s a very family vibe out here! [Laughs] I’m literally sitting on three people’s backpacks in the back lounge.”

She continued,  “When we put together our live show, it really is a perfect intro into writing, because we do write. We write little bits and pieces. We created this really fun medley of our songs at rehearsals before this tour, because there are always songs that people on the Internet say, ‘You never play this or that song!’ There are reasons we don’t play it live — it either doesn’t work live or it’s too slow or something else. So, I thought, what if we just make a Frankenstein of all the best parts of five of those songs? And it’s our favorite thing to play every night.”

Story Source: Consequence of Sound

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