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After not feeling “happy” on stage, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds is now “very close to where I want to be”

Gary Miller/Getty Images

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has opened up regarding his mental health, revealing that he didn’t feel “happy” on stage as recently as three years ago.

“I’ve been working on my mental health,” Reynolds tweeted Thursday night. “You deserve it. My family deserves it. I deserve it. “

Reynolds added that he wants to “bring you a happy Dan on stage.”

“I wasn’t there 3 years ago — today I find myself very close to where I want to be,” he wrote. “It’s taken a lot of work but I see the sun on the horizon.”

Imagine Dragons released two new songs — “Follow You” and “Cutthroat” — in March. They’re currently working on a new album to follow the one-two punch of 2017’s Evolve and 2018’s Origins.

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