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AFI singer sets publication date for new novel

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AFI frontman Davey Havok has set a February 6th release date for his second novel, titled Love Fast Los Angeles. Havok said about the book, “Love Fast Los Angeles was written and edited all over the world, and in the skies above it, but the majority of it was tapped out in a West Hollywood coffee shop. The owners and managers were kind enough to let me squat while sapping their wireless.”

Havok said that he immediately began writing the book after finishing his first novel, 2013’s Pop Kids, explaining, “I was easily inspired to keep that world alive out of love for the writing process, for the pop kids themselves, and by the impact of the very real culture they represent. After taking a pause for Broadway, whilst hiding in a hole below my friend’s garage in the Hollywood Hills, I was encouraged to return to the manuscript by my dear friend and publisher.”

  • According to a press release, the new novel tells the story of Alvin, a party photographer whose controversial website has brought fortune and fame to hundreds of celebrities, including the wild girls of the hit reality series All F’s.
  • A broken-hearted Alvin attempts to enact his vendetta against a former online teen heartthrob while struggling to gain the affection of a disaffected socialite.
  • Described as a “millennial love story” and a “pop-fueled noir,” Love Fast Los Angeles is said to be filled with “fast cars, pop stars, outrageous poseurs, lavish parties, golden guns, designer drugs and drag queens.”
  • Havok said he he recently started working on his third book and hopes to publish it in “less than a decade.”
  • Havok and AFI released their 10th studio LP, the self-titled “blood album,” last January. He also sang on the self-titled debut album from Dreamcar, the band featuring the instrumental members of No Doubt. Havok is now prepping for the release of the fourth album from Blaqk Audio, his side project with AFI guitarist Jade Puget.


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