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A Perfect Circle sets title, release date for fourth studio LP


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A Perfect Circle will release its long-awaited fourth album, Eat The Elephant, on April 20th. The band has debuted a new song called “TalkTalk” from the disc, following earlier releases of the tracks “Disillusioned” and “The Doomed.” Eat The Elephant will be A Perfect Circle’s first collection of new studio recordings since the 2004 covers collection eMOTive.

Singer Maynard James Keenan said, “Although I’m extremely excited to finally be completing this album after a 14-year hiatus, I’m actually more excited that its intentional release date is serving a greater purpose. The 20th of April is Carina Round‘s birthday. She is a dear friend who is extremely difficult to shop for. Pressure off. Of course, I must also note that the potheads are gonna be thrilled that this album comes out on 4-20. May it serve as a glorious soundtrack to accompany all of the giggling and vexing sounds of nibbling and snacking. Fingers crossed, Cheech & Chong will be proud.”

  • Guitarist Billy Howerdel added, “Demos are these precious ideas that you love in their initial state. Then you collaborate, invite other ideas, and watch them progress. That’s the dynamics and growth of a great record. I feel we’ve made a great record.”
  • Howerdel said that he always knew A Perfect Circle would return: “I didn’t have any doubts. We did have a couple of false starts, so maybe it would be two years later than I thought, maybe? But I always knew we’d be back.”
  • Pre-orders for the 12-song album are available now and come with instant digital downloads of all three previously heard songs. Eat The Elephant is being released in multiple formats, including digital, CD, double gatefold 180-gram vinyl and a box set with vinyl, CD and hi-res digital download as well as a prism and custom playing card deck.
  • A Perfect Circle is set to hit a number of festivals this summer, including a headlining slot at Indio, California’s Coachella Festival on April 15th and 22nd, plus events in Las Vegas, Dallas and Somerset, Wisconsin.



  • In addition to the three songs already issued, tracks on Eat The Elephant include the title cut, “The Contrarian,” “So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish,” “By And Down The River,” “Delicious,” “DLB,” “Hourglass,” “Feathers” and “Get The Lead Out.”
  • “Hourglass” and “Feathers” were both performed live last year by the band.
  • Joining Keenan and Howerdel once again are James Iha on rhythm guitar, Matt McJunkins on bass and Jeff Friedl on drums, all of whom have appeared on the band’s recent 2017 tours.


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