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A new song from A Perfect Circle arrives


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A Perfect Circle has released a new tune called “The Doomed” on Monday night (October 16th). The track’s release follows a 15-second tease that was posted on Friday (October 13th) at the group’s official Twitter account, along with hints from singer Maynard James Keenan that work on a new LP was in the homestretch. Aside from a sole studio track. “By And Down,” released in 2013, and two new songs debuted on its tour last spring — “Feathers” and “Hourglass” — this is the first new studio recording from APC since 2004.

  • A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel said earlier this year that work on the band’s first new studio album since 2004’s eMOTIVe was commencing.
  • Howerdel had said a while back that he and Keenan have stayed in touch even when A Perfect Circle wasn’t active: “Things come in different waves, you know, like sometimes you’re closer than others, and distance is definitely the great separator for us, but you know, the consistent part has always been Maynard and he’s the real driving force in this band, and it wouldn’t be what it is without him.”
  • Keenan tweeted last week that he was heading into rehearsals for the group’s fall North American tour, adding, “Gotta learn these new tracks” and the hashtag “#apc2018.”
  • A Perfect Circle’s three previous albums are 2000’s Mer De Noms, 2003’s Thirteenth Step and 2004’s covers collection, eMOTIVe.
  • A Perfect Circle completed its first full-length tour since 2011 earlier this year, with a fall run starting on October 21st at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California.


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