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Woof Wednesday – Queenie

Meet Queenie! - January 9, 2019

Lux and Queenie

Every Wednesday, a dog currently available for adoption at Stray Rescue of St. Louis visits The Point studios and goes “on-air” and live online with Lux for Woof Wednesdays. Follow along with their stories, get to know the dogs, and look into meeting your new furry family member – all thanks to Carol House and Treats Unleashed!

This lil underbite….Queenie is a perfect lap doggie, small at maybe 25 lbs and 6 yrs old, she is from the Islands of St. Thomas. She came to Stray Rescue of St. Louis with heartworms, which is insanely common for street doggos, so she is looking for a MEDICAL FOSTER. Stray Rescue would take care of the medical needs, food, beds, vet visits….you just let her snuggle and calmly cuddle with you at your place!

She is soft, sweet, and mega laid back. She is one of the cutest dogs i’ve ever seen. If I did’t have three already and a busy schedule I would scoop her up myself!

Please watch the video (found below) and interact with the post on Facebook (like, comment, share) so we can get Queenie in to more Facebook feeds to help find her a forever home!

Thanks again to Carol House Furniture – Because you like nice things and Treats Unleashed – The natural place for pets – for sponsoring Woof Wednesdays on The Point!

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