Woof Wednesday! Meet Double Dew


Every Wednesday, a dog currently available for adoption at Stray Rescue of St. Louis joins LUX live on social media for Woof Wednesdays. Follow along with their stories, get to know the dogs, and look into meeting your new furry family member!

Woof Wednesday is BACK, LIVE!!!!! Today is the 4th anniversary of my favorite weekly feature!

Thanks to Mattress Direct, I will be at their Bridgeton store on the second Wednesday of the month, every month with a NEW adoptable dog! Mattress Direct is also giving a dog bed away to every Woof Wednesday pupper adopted! This is so cool!

Let’s meet Double Dew from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. He is around 9 months old (way too chill for that honestly haha), he lives in the office and is so well behaved! His office mates say he is great with other dogs and kiddos, would be perfect in ANY home. They guess he is a Lab mix (perhaps Great Pyranese, considering his double dew claws on his back feet…where he derives his name). Put in your Adoption Application at or call 314-771-6121 and ask about Double Dew!

Thanks again to Mattress Direct who will be giving a dog bed away to EVERY Woof Wednesday pupper adopted! Mattress Direct…Sleep Rules!


Please watch the video (found below) and interact with the post on Facebook (like, comment, share) so we can get Double Dew into more Facebook feeds to help find him a forever home!