Goodbye Lux! We wish you the best in your future pursuits!


We still get to hang with her for one last Pointfest tomorrow…but it is Lux’s final afternoon on-air today here at The Point. We’re sad to be losing her…but wish her nothing but success and happiness in whatever she pursues next! Good luck, Lux!


In case you are confused… here is Lux’s post from back in March 2nd, 2022 announcing her decision to leave The Point.

From March 2, 2022

Hello St. Louis!

With just a few months until my 15th anniversary at 105.7 the point, it’s with much love that I say THANK YOU! I never would have made it this far without the support of all of you who tune in and turn up.

For the last 15 years, it has been my passion to entertain you. Hosting my show on 105.7 The Point was a dream come true for a young person who had been listening to the station since the 90s. It was like sitting down for drinks with my entire hometown every weekday afternoon. Each one of you who tuned in helped to light a fire in my soul that became my purpose and my joy.

And so… it is with an abundance of feelings that I tell you it’s time for me to listen to my heart and explore a new adventure I feel calling my name. My last day as a jock at 105.7 The Point will come this May.

There are so many memories!

We have had too many good times to count, from my early days as a “Point Perpetrator” hosting Point Float Trips and Mug Crawls to becoming a full-time on-air personality and launching Woof Wednesdays and the Alt2k Song of the Day. I’ve reveled in every single moment: the concerts, broadcasts, interviews, and events. Since my first day on May 12, 2007 I’ve loved this job and all of you.

Being immersed in my favorite genre of music, many of my favorite moments were spent supporting new and upcoming artists. And of course, it was the experience of a lifetime playing and interviewing the heritage favorites I grew up on and introducing new bands in the genre to the fans. Speaking with artists like Brandon Boyd, Tom Morello,Tom Delong,Jack White, and Ed Sheeran, interviewing bands like Shinedown,Deftones,Walk The Moon, and Twenty One Pilots. Falling in love with K.Flay, Grandson, and Cage the Elephant from DAY ONE.  I am so passionate about connecting artists with their audiences. I hope you found these interactions to be just as special!

And of course, Pointfest will forever be my favorite holiday! Because I don’t think you’d have it any other way, I plan to go out in a bang at Pointfest this May where I hope all of you will join me. I trust you to help me make it a party to remember! The best one yet. If anyone can make an unforgettable party happen, it’s all of you!

I bet you’re probably wondering what’s next.

First and foremost, I’ll always be Lux from The Point in my heart, and I can’t imagine heading down this new path without you. I have sometimes joked that Radio was my husband and that I was married to my career, but I’ve learned that more than anything I’m married to the connection I built with all of you.

And as I always have, I’m going to keep following that passion. Some surprises are already in motion but I’m not at liberty to share just yet. (Though I can promise you when I do, it will be GOOD!).

While I’m filled with excitement over what’s next, it’s so very bittersweet to know I won’t be coming into the studio every day, or seeing my colleagues at the office, or interacting with the amazing clients,labels,managers,bands, engineers, businesses, venues, listeners, and jocks I’ve had the privilege of getting to know.

I’m filled with GRATITUDE.


I want to thank my family for supporting me every step of the way. My brother’s impeccable taste in music landed me at The Point so long ago. My parents unconditional love helped me stay strong during personal hardships and their wisdom and advice led me to this moment.

Thank you Tommy Mattern for taking a chance on me, believing in me, and lifting me up so I could reach my potential. You have been and always will be FAMILY. What a gift I got the day I got hired to be on your staff!

Thank you Donny Fandango, my mentor, my best friend and PIC, words cannot express what your friendship has meant to me and will continue to mean to me. On top of that, you are my favorite personality, even before I met you, The Fandango Experiment was my #1, I’m a fan for life.

Thank you Matthew Chambers and Greg Bowe, my fellow Point Promo Peeps. To Lern, Patrico, and Tim: we all grew up in the industry together, cheered for each other, and look at us now! So much thanks to Michelle Smallmon, Anthony Wise, Ben Vogelsang, Joey Goldsmith, Cornbread, Bon, Becky Domyan, Christine Malovitz, Rizzuto, Rich Donald, and Tim Convy.

Thank you John Beck and John Kijowski, two of the best general managers and companies in the game. Hands down. While I’ll always miss “Daddy Emmis,” “Momma Hubbard” was just as wonderful.

Stay in touch.

Those of you who know me best know I let the universe and my intuition guide me–and that ADHD won’t let me sit still. So if you have wanted to collaborate in the past, have an idea or want to work together, let’s make it happen!


You know how to find me, just follow @LuxStLou on all channels or shoot me an email at

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Here’s to listening to your heart and believing in yourself.

Wear your seatbelt, St. Louis!