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The Rizzuto Show’s Hat Of The Week

Attention local brands and businesses!

Just like Jeff did for years while fighting his battle – The Rizzuto Show are going to be sporting some “Hats Of The Week” now through the end of October to help support The Song Society!

Thanks to all the great sponsors who signed up to provide a “Hat Of The Week” on The Rizzuto Show and support The Song Society!  We are now completely booked up for the rest of October and no longer have any open Rizz Show heads available to sponsor.


  • Lern (Hat Sponsor)
  • King Scott (Hat Sponsor)
  • Moon (Hat Sponsor)
  • Rafe (Hat Sponsor)
  • Rizz (Hat Sponsor)
  • Moon (Hat Sponsor)
  • King Scott (Hat Sponsor)
  • Rizz-Bombshell_Construction_01
  • Rafe-Fired_Up_01
  • Lern-Elder_Emo_Co_01
  • Week_02_Junkweiser
  • Week_01_Trimlight
Please support these businesses that are sponsoring a Hat Of The Week to help our friends at The Song Society!