Rizzuto Show Photos

Patrico & Rizz wait tables in lingerie

Kevin Pollak on the Rizzuto Show

Patrico’s beard get’s shaved

Ninja New Year’s Eve 2016

Story Of The Year on The RIzz Show

Backstoppers presented with $15k check on the Rizz Show

David Koechner on The Rizz Show

Margaret Cho on The Rizzuto Show

Guys Night Out with Rizz & Burton


Brian Posehn on the Rizzuto Show

Nick Di Paolo on The Rizz Show

Rizz Show & Team Ninja @ PurpleStride Run/Walk 2016

Story Of The Year play unplugged on The Rizz Show

Gilbert Gottfried on the Rizz Show

Josh Wolf on The Rizzuto Show

Big Bike Night – July 2016

Tom Segura on The Rizz Show

Police Chief Sam Dotson on The Rizz Show

Quinton Rampage Jackson on The Rizzuto Show

Burton’s human hotdog punishment

Sinbad on The Rizz Show

Tito Ortiz on The Rizz Show

Bryan Callen of MadTV & The Goldbergs on The Rizz Show

Big Bike Night – June 2016

Rizz Show #ShowTush Photoshop Challenge

Bert Kreischer aka “The Real Van Wilder” stops by the Rizz Show

King Scott the virgin had his 1st date with Meredith

Steve-O and the Rizz Show

Ben Bailey of Cash Cab in studio

Dave Coulier on the Rizzuto Show

Kevin Smith on The Rizzuto Show

Kevin Heffernan & Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard

Guys Night Out with Burton & Moon

Marlon Wayans in studio with The Rizz Show

Kevin Shattenkirk takes slap shots at Patrico & Moon

Dr. Lori analyzes the Rizz Show hosts

Sklar Brothers on the Rizz Show

Alonzo Bodden on the Rizzuto Show

The Rizzuto Show Super Bowl Party

Joey ‘CoCo’ Diaz on The Rizz Show

STL Auto Show with the Rizzuto Show

Dave Attell of ‘Insomniac’ on the Rizz Show

Rams Cleanse with The Rizzuto Show

April Macie on The Rizz Show

Ninja New Year’s Eve 2015

Moon’s ‘Good For Her’ Countdown

Chris Cornell – HoHo Show #7

Girls With XMAS Stuff 2015

Jamie Kennedy with The Rizz Show

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