Rizzuto Show Photos

Angelina Love on the Rizzuto Show (2020)

Merry Little Rizzmas Beer Release (November 2019)

Rizz Show Military Appreciation Podcast (2019)

Rizz Show Photo Booth at Eat And Treat (2019)

Eat And Treat with The Rizzuto Show (2019)

Comedian Harland Williams on the Rizzuto Show (2019)

PurpleStride (2019)

Rizz Show Live VIP Meet & Greet (2019)

Andrew Santino visits the Rizzuto Show (2019)

Tim Meadows on the Rizzuto Show

Rizzuto’s ‘Man In The Box’ Punishment

Rizz Show Night At The Blues (2019)

Weirdos At Westport New Year’s Eve Pajama Jammy Jam (2018)

Ian Bagg on the Rizzuto Show

Comedian Dan Cummins on the Rizzuto Show

Ben Bailey joins Third Timers Club on the Rizz Show

Jamie Kennedy joins the Rizz Show 2nd Timers Club

The New Day

Taking Care Of Rizzness Amber Ale announcement!

Greek Fire performs at Rizz Show Live

Whitney Cummings on the Rizzuto Show

Eat And Treat 2018

Jeremy Piven on the Rizzuto Show

JP Sears, comedian & YouTuber on the Rizz Show

Wheeler Walker Jr. & Clownvis on the Rizzuto Show

Jon Lovitz on the Rizzuto Show

Nikki Glaser on The Rizzuto Show

John Witherspoon from ‘Friday’

Burton & Patrico’s ‘Walk Of Shame’ Real or Fake Punishment

David Koechner Returns To The Rizz Show

David Koechner returns to the Rizz Show

WWE’s Elias on the Rizzuto Show

Carter Hutton plays Good or Gross on the Rizz Show

Jay Chandrasekhar on the Rizzuto Show

Dan Soder on The Rizz Show

Dan Soder on the Rizz Show

Bud Light Super Bowl Party with the Rizz Show

Jim Norton on The Rizz Show

Weirdos At Westport New Year’s Eve Prom Party

Weirdos At Westport Prom Photo Booth

Comedian Ben Gleib in studio

Rizz Show Photo Booth at Eat And Treat

Eat And Treat with the Rizzuto Show

Sinbad on the Rizz Show

Josh Wolf stops by the Rizz Show

Team Rizz at PurpleStride 2017

Finesse Mitchell on The Rizzuto Show

Jim Breuer on The Rizzuto Show

Chris Kattan returns to the Rizz Show

Bill Bellamy on the Rizz Show

Burton’s 50th Birthday

Is Burton the REAL Slimshady?