What is a First Of All Moment?

Maybe you’ve read a story that talks about a break in and how the robber, “kicked in the backdoor.” First of all…kicked in the backdoor.

A First of All Moment is when a normal word not meant to be dirty…all of a sudden becomes filthy. See the full list of all the First Of All Words below!

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First of All Words

B – Beaver, Box, Beef, Bone, Buns, Ball, Bag, Bush

C – Clam, Cockpit, Chode, Cans, CaCa, Carpet, Chubby, Curtains

D – Douche, Duty, Discharge, Dingleberry, Dripage, Drill

E – Entry

F – Fudge, Flaps, Floppy, Fairy, Finger

G – Garbage, Gobbler, Gonads, Gash

H – Hummer, Hiney, Hole, Hard, Handy, Hose, Hard, Helmet, Hog

– Jugs, Junk, Joystick, Juicy, Jerk, Johnson, Jo

K – Knob, Knocker

L – Liquor, Loaf, Lips, Log, Load, Loin

M – Member, Moist, Meat, Munch, Muffin, Mud

N – Nugget, Nipple, Nads, Nut

P – Pianist, Pudding, Poker, Pickle, Plug, Pad, Package, Pie, Pubes, Pork, Pound, Period, Pole, Peter, Prick

R – Rim, Rack, Rubber, Rod

S – Shuttlecock, Stiff, Schlong, Swallow, Strip, Squirt, Sack, Swapper, Snake, Semi, Seed, Staff, Slit, Snatch, Satchel

T – Taco, Twit, Trunk, Tip, Tool, Tug, Tube

U – Unit, Uranis

V – Vain

W – Wad, Willy, Wang, Wank, Weiner, Wipe, Wood, Wong

Y – Yank