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John Cena and Jimmy Fallon play EW!


Screenshot via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Like ohmigod, Sara is back. The nightmare tween Sara (a.k.a. Jimmy Fallon) revived TeenNick’s Ew! On The Tonight Show last night, and she was the same as ever. But now she has a sidekick, BFF Allison (a.k.a. John Cena), who she hasn’t seen in a while and seems to look, well, a bit “different”?

Allison attributes it to a “growth spurt,” lowering her voice and adding: “My mom says I’m going through some changes.” She added: “The football team’s like all trying to recruit me and stuff. They’re like, ‘Why don’t you throw things?’ And I’m like, ‘Ew! Throwing things!’ But now I totally love it.”

The pair perform a duet to Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” and Sara’s stepfather Gary (A.D. Miles) also makes an appearance.

(E! News)

WATCH: Jimmy and John are Ew!

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