Win a Tattoo Redo from Iron Age Studios


Win a Tattoo Redo from Iron Age Studio worth up to $500

  1. Take a picture showing your tattoo that is in major need of a redo.
  2. Submit by clicking enter below. You only need to enter your tattoo once to be eligible for all future prizes.
  3. Fill out the form & upload the photo for your chance to win.

You deserve a chance at better art. That is why Iron Age Tattoo Studio is bringing you the Tattoo ReDo Gallery.

Second chances are usually rare in life, but Iron Age can turn your tattoo problems around. They have awesome artists who can work with you get a Tattoo Redo and end up with a BETTER TATTOO!

Wouldn’t you rather have someone that understands the artistry and technology of tattooing working on modifying your existing art that is in dire need of redoing?

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