Patrico gets a dead mole in the face – Glory Hole Challenge

Patrico suffers through another Glory Hole Challenge. The items being identified through the hole this time are Burton’s foot file, a tampon, a dish brush, and a dead mole. Kevin Shattenkirk of the Saint Louis Blues joins us for this round of the Glory Hole Challenge. Get more from the…

Pointersaurus 28 inch pizza challenge

Rizzuto and Jeff Burton face off against Tony Patrico and Moon Valjean in the Pointersaurus pizza challenge at Pointer’s Pizza in Saint Louis, MO. To complete this food challenge a team of two must finish the 10 pound, 28 inch pizza in an hour without leaving the customer area.

Burton’s Tattoo for his Real or Fake punishment

Jeff Burton faces his punishment for losing Real or Fake…spinning the wheel of piercings and getting the winner’s initials tattooed on his body. HUGE thank you to Brandie and Shawn from STEEL AND INK TATTOO STUDIO for doing such a great job in our tiny studio!