WATCH: Chris Kattan on leaving SNL, standup comedy and more!

Comedian, actor, and SNL alum, Chris Kattan, returns to The Rizzuto Show! Kattan shares some background on his reason for leaving SNL, making the switch to standup comedy from improv,…

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Can John Patrico Pronounce It? NHL All-Star Edition!

STL Paw Paw, John Patrico, is back in the house for a round of “Can John Pronounce It?” This time we are testing John’s ability to pronounce NHL All-Star players’…

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WATCH: BLUES legend, Barret Jackman talks NHL All-Star Game, St. Louis hockey & more!

Former St. Louis Blues defenceman, Barret Jackman, stopped by the Rizzuto Show to chat about the upcoming NHL All-Star Game, the alumni game, and much more! CHECK IT OU: NHL…

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WATCH: Dave Attell joins the 2nd Timers Club on the Rizz Show!

Legendary comedian, Dave Attell, returned for a 2nd visit on the Rizz Show, Friday (January 10) with fellow comedian Ian Fidance. Attell talks about his last trip to St. Louis…where…

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WATCH: Donny’s 1st Week In Rage of the decade!

Donny is like an InstaPot, building up pressure until finally, it has to vent somewhere… the Week In Rage is Donny’s place to vent, and this time Donny rages on…

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WATCH: The Point chili disaster… caught on the security cam

Our good friend, “Video Joey” pulled a legit “Kevin From The Office” and spilled an entire crockpot of chili at and on the door to the Hubbard St. Louis office…

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WATCH: Rizz takes a stray shot right in the bag!

Rizz & Burton both had to face some shots for losing in the Pick Em Challenge over the holiday break. Everything was going fine until Rizz’s seventh shot went awry…

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Jeff Burton has one final message for King Scott’s Virginity

Jeff Burton sat down with King Scott’s Virginity for one last intimate conversation on a park bench… Jeff says his final goodbye to King Scott’s Virginity, thanks him for his…

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