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Walk The Moon discuss Amazon commercial & writing music with Lux #video #photos


Walk The Moon stopped in for a visit with Lux, backstage at the Point's Big Summer Show with alt-J, Matt and Kim, and Catfish And The Bottlemen Friday night (September 18th) at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights.

Walk The Moon was recently featured in a commercial for Amazon Prime, where they had to play inside of 30+ foot tall box. Dummer, Sean Waugaman said, "We were in that box for I think, 5 hours straight." Guitarist, Eli Maiman continued, "playing the same 30 seconds of music. It was like being in a studio…doing a record for Amazon".

Walk The Moon's lead singer, Nicholas Petricca talked about playing at the Home Run Derby in their hometown, Cincinnati: "Of all the tv stuff that we've done…I think a big, massive sports event like that is maybe the biggest…ESPN had us do a cover of "It's Your Thing" and we recorded that just a few days before…that was really cool".

Asked about writing and new music and going into the studio, Petricca replied, "We're always writing, every chance we get. It sort of just spills out of us at some points."

Watch the full interview with Walk The Moon including a series of Random Rapid Response questions from Lux:

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Walk The Moon consists of Nicholas Petricca (lead vocals, keyboards, synthesizer), Kevin Ray (bass, vocals), Sean Waugaman (drums, vocals), and Eli Maiman (guitar, vocals). They come from Cincinnati, Ohio and they're latest album Talking Is Hard, features the massive hits "Shut Up And Dance" and "Different Colors".

POINT PHOTOS: Walk The Moon playing the Point's final BIg Summer Show of 2015. View the full gallery HERE.


Photos by Greg Bowe | 105.7 The Point