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Tobias Forge on Ghost’s live show: ‘It’s way more organic now’


Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

The Point’s Donny Fandango sat down with Tobias Forge, the mastermind behind Ghost Friday before their St. Louis show to pick his brain on Ghost’s success over the past few years, how the band has changed, and his vision for the future of Ghost.

Asked about Ghost’s recent success Forge said, “I’ve done many records in my life that caused nothing…You never know how many times you’ll have this feeling, so I’m trying to sort of absorb it and enjoy it whilst it’s here…it’s a fantastic feeling.” Forge went on to say that, “As a perfectionist it is also very grueling because everything is a work in progress all the time…As a director of all this sh**, I see a lot of flaws…i see a lot of things that are not done yet…Since I know where we’re going I’m never fully content with what I see right here right now. I’m a little bit more like, well wait til you see the next thing.”

On the future of Ghost and how Forge is upping their presence for the arena shows later this year in Los Angeles and New York, Forge said, “You need to put yourself on a level production wise, that is not even possible in a theatre…everything needs to be done 10 times bigger. Forge said of Ghost’s live show, “If anyone saw us in the past and sees us now it’s way more of an organic band, which is a big step up for me and that was on my to-do list for many years.”

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