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Catfish And The Bottlemen on writing album in a weekend; working with Ewan McGregor #video #photos


Catfish And The Bottlemen stopped by after their set at the Point's Big Summer Show with alt-J and Walk the Moon on Friday (September 18th) to chat with Donny backstage at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights. 

When asked about writing their upcoming second album in a weekend, frontman Ryan "Van" McCann replied "When you know exactly what you want…the songs just fell out…it'll be done, you know after this stretch of the tour." Van went on to say that we can expect the new album out sometime after the new year.

Watch Catfish And The Bottlemen's full interview with Donny:

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Catfish And The Bottlemen recently released a video for the song "Hourglass" from their debut album, The Balcony, featuring, Ewan McGregor. Asked about what it was like to work with McGregor, lead singer Van replied, "We always say he's the most interesting, and interested guy we've ever met…all he wanted to talk about was music with us, and all we wanted to talk about was light sabers and Trainspotting.

Watch the music video for "Hourglass" featuring Ewan McGregor(Warning! Explicit Language):

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Catfish And The Bottlemen is made up of Ryan "Van" McCann (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Johnny Bond (lead guitar), Benji Blakeway (bass guitar), and Bob Hall (drums) The band's name is inspired by an Australian street performer who goes by the name of Catfish The Bottleman and plays music on a string of tuned beer bottles.

POINT PHOTOS: Catfish And The Bottlemen playing the Point's final BIg Summer Show of 2015. View the full gallery HERE.


Photos by Greg Bowe | 105.7 The Point