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Pointfest 11


Pointfest was held on May 23, 1999. Just prior to their set, Courtney Love of Hole encouraged the crowd from the lawn seating area to rush towards the stage. She was quoted as screaming into the microphone: “We aren’t playing one f**king note until you let them come up here!” Also, invoking outrage among much of the attending audience, Courtney Love stripped her band’s bassist of her shirt during a bass solo, leaving her unable to shield herself from anyone’s eyes.

Pointfest 11 featured:

  •     Red Hot Chili Peppers
  •     Blink-182
  •     Hole
  •     Silverchair
  •     Orgy
  •     2 Skinnee J’s
  •     Lit
  •     Econoline Crush
  •     Die Symphony
  •     Citizen King
  •     Imperial Teen
  •     Mesh
  •     The Flys
  •     Bellyfeel

Concert Calendar

Apr 24
Apr 27
May 1