What years were you on-air with The Point?

May 2003 – Present

What was the name of your show?

Woody and Rizzuto Show

What are your most memorable experiences from your time on The Point?

I’ve done so much cool stuff in my time here on the Point. I’ve interviewed my heroes.  I’ve gone to the Grammys. I’ve seen a full set from AC/DC in “Nowheresville”, Pennsylvania with only 20 other people present. I’ve been to Lollapalooza to see a Rage Against the Machine reunion show. I’ve met a TON of great listeners and made a lot of new friends from this job.

What are your most memorable Pointfest experiences?

I always look forward to Pointfest every year. Back at my first Pointfest in 2003, I remember seeing people go nuts for a band called Breaking Benjamin, whom I’d never heard of at the time. I also remember walking out on the main stage for the first time at a Pointfest and looking out at the crowd and thinking, “Holy shit there are a lot of people here!”. From the chicks who would do “anything” to get backstage, to the dummies wearing knit hats and long sleeves when it’s a thousand degrees out. From the youth fighters to the fat chicks wearing clothes they shouldn’t be wearing. From the hipsters in skinny jeans to the angry roadies…Pointfest, any year, is memorable.