What years were you on-air with The Point?

Febuary 1993-June 1995

What was the name of your show?

no show name- I was just the Point’s first overnight guy

What are your most memorable experiences from your time on The Point?

Working with Jim McGuin and Alex Luke to put together PointEssential Volumes 1 and 2. I wrote the liner notes and submitted the majority of bands that were chosen for each disc based on my experience hosting Local Anesthesia, the station’s first local show (which I had also hosted on KYMC prior to the Point). I remember how exciting it was to see some of my favorites like Bent and the Bishops get exposed to a wider audience, as well as helping to launch new acts like Gravity Kills and Wilco, who made their debut on PointEssential! Volume 1 sold out in three days, which was tremendous!

Also I remember rollerblading in the St. Patty’s Day Parade, walking onstage at the first Pointfest in front of 15,000 people and being nearly unable to speak (a rarity!), playing basketball against the band LIVE at the downtown YMCA, and infamously introducing the band X and getting pelted by the punks who thought we were “poseurs” for sponsoring the show. A good laugh!

What are your most memorable Pointfest experiences?

Watching the tornado that is Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett (one of the most intelligent & thoughtful musicians on the planet) from the side of the stage at PointFest 1 AND interviewing Mick Jones of the Clash before Big Audio Dynamite’s set at PointFest 3.

What are you up to now?

I retired from radio after leaving the Point and beyond some work for internet station 3WK (an excellent online station based in St. Louis) in the late 90s have shifted  my focus to working in other media. In 2005 my wife and I relocated to San Diego, CA and I’ve been making a living as a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, musician, and consultant (sort of a creative “one man band”), primarily for non-profit organizations here in Southern California via my company Enso Creative. In 2011, I started an online radio show/podcast called Radio Enso. It’s a weekly exploration of what I call “tools and inspiration for conscious living” — in which I interview personal development leaders and inspiring people from around the world who have chosen to build the lives they really want and help others do the same. It’s been great being back behind the mic!