Take FM radio on the go with the nextradio app - now available on smartphones on ALL carriers including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile – visit nextradioapp.com to learn more about nextradio.

• Take FM radio on the go with the nextradio app that doesn’t kill your data plan
• Now available on smartphones on ALL carriers including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile
• Click here for a list of supported devices or here to see the breakdown of supported devices by carrier
• See artwork and song information while you listen
• Buy the song you just heard right from your phone
• nextradio makes it easy to enter station contests
• Get a list of songs we just played from the Activity screen
• Give us feedback on the songs you like
• Share what you're listening to on Facebook or Twitter
• Look for us in the station guide or tune to us with the tuning dial
• Get 3X better battery life with nextradio compared to streaming music


Watch music and talk come to life with album art, station logos, song and show details, and instant actions like sharing or purchasing right from your phone.


NextRadio makes it easy to find a new station or an old favorite. Browse stations in your area by genre or frequency, set your favorites, view recently played stations, or use a traditional tuner interface.


Call in or text the shows you love. NextRadio gives you the ability to send instant feedback to the station whenever and wherever you’re listening.


When compared with streaming, NextRadio uses less of your battery because the audio is coming through your phone’s built-in FM tuner instead of over the internet.

Visit nextradioapp.com to learn more about nextradio - FM radio on the go!



What is the NextRadio application?

NextRadio is an FM tuner application that receives FM radio broadcasts in your local area. NextRadio also provides a data service for radio broadcasters to share information about their station and their broadcast content so that listeners can receive real-time updates as they listen.

Discover more about NextRadio at our website: http://NextRadioApp.com.

How do I get it?

If your smartphone has the required hardware and is approved for NextRadio integration, you can download the app for free directly from the Google Play store.

What current devices are compatible with NextRadio?

You can find a list of supported devices from Sprint here: NextRadio Supported Devices.

If your device is currently incompatible, contact Sprint or check with your own wireless carrier to inquire about plans to support NextRadio on your device.

What does it cost?

NextRadio is free to install and use on supported smartphones.

What stations are available?

NextRadio uses your location and FM reception quality to find radio stations that broadcast in your local area. In general, if you can tune to a station from your car, you can tune to it on your phone with NextRadio.

Will there be other compatible devices?

NextRadio is an Android application and requires specific receiver hardware to tune in radio stations in your area. If you don’t see the app preloaded on your phone, you can download and install NextRadio from the Google Play store as long as it ships with the required hardware. Though it is currently an Android-only app, future Windows 8 phones are planned.

Where can I get more information about the NextRadio application?

Discover more about NextRadio at our website: http://nextradioapp.com

What do I need in order to listen to the music, i.e., headphone or wire, etc.?

NextRadio requires a set of headphones or an audio cable to act as the receiving antenna for FM signals. You can listen using your headphones, or plug your headphones in and use the Output to Speaker feature of NextRadio to listen on your phone’s speaker. You can also connect an audio cable from your smartphone to a home stereo or external speakers.

How do I know where I can use the service and where the service is not available?

Service is dependent on the FM reception in your area and the quality of your data connection. NextRadio uses the FM receiver in your phone to tune to local FM radio stations, so audio quality will suffer if reception is poor. Your data connection is used to deliver radio station details to the Guide and real-time song artwork or broadcast information for stations that use NextRadio’s data service. Real-time updates will slow or pause if your data connection is poor.

What do I do if I have a problem using the application?

Share any issues or feedback by choosing the Feedback option in Settings from within NextRadio. You can also email feedback to support@nextradioapp.com.

How can I listen to the radio without using my data plan to display images?

NextRadio delivers images and interactive content in sync with FM radio broadcasts and uses less than 10% of the data used by streaming radio. If you find that the data cost is still too much, you can switch to Tuner Only Mode by tapping the three dots in the menu at the top of the app and selecting Settings > Interface > Switch to Tuner Only Mode. You can switch back to receive images by tapping “Enable Radio Data” at the top of the Tuner Only interface.

What’s the difference between FM radio and streaming?

FM radio is a broadcast signal that provides high-fidelity sound to receiving devices. FM broadcasts are limited in range, but audio quality is often better than streaming audio because it does not require as much data compression. And because the audio is received over the phone’s FM tuner instead of the internet, you use less data and battery life to listen.