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A Landlord Shot a Tenant In The Butt Because of An Argument Over A Cigarette It's going to be SUPER awkward the next time anyone in this building needs the landlord to fix a leaky pipe. 58-year-old Robert Klemish is the landlord of an apartment building in Scranton, Pennsylvania...
A Woman Shoplifts From Walmart...And Gets Busted When She Falls Asleep In The Bathroom 40-year-old Pamela Woods of Auburndale, Florida shoplifted a $15 necklace from a Walmart on Sunday afternoon. And there's a decent chance she could've gotten away with it . . . if only Walmart...
There was a robbery at a convenience store in Eagle Point, Oregon on September 19th last year. Two guys in camouflage masks busted into the store, robbed the place, and took off. At least that's what they'd like you to THINK happened. The guys weren't wearing camouflage masks...
I'm not sure I know anyone who lives their life completely worry-free . . . except maybe babies and the Amish. The rest of us are all so deep into our own heads it's amazing we haven't all had epic meltdowns. A new survey found the 20 most common things we constantly worry about...
Check out four times where being uncomfortable is actually GOOD for you . . . 1. Dressing up for work. It might help your posture. According to at least one expert, you're more likely to stand or sit up straight when you're wearing nice clothes. 2. Holding it in when you have to...
Jamie Benn recorded a hat trick in the first two periods as Dallas cruised to a 4-1 win over the Blues at Scottrade. Patrik Berglund scored the lone goal for the Blues. Brian Elliott was yanked after allowing three goals on six shots. Jake Allen made 15 saves in relief. The...