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TUESDAY'S HEADLINE HOOSHE: Everything AND the kitchen sink The New York Daily News reports that someone delivering newspapers in the Sneads, Fla. neighborhood heard screaming coming from the house on Monday morning. Police were summoned, and eventually discovered 18-year-old...
FAIL! A Guy Pulls Down a Woman's Shorts When She's Jogging . . . Turns Out She's a U.S. Marshal and Beats the Hell Out of Him This is such perfect, sweet justice . . . even though it's scary that crimes like this still happen. A woman was out jogging by herself on a trail in...
QUESTIONS 1 in 4 drivers does THIS at least once a week... ANSWER
Why pay $10.50 for a two ounce mini bottle of booze if you don't have to? Check in at the desk and make a strong request for a non-smoking room, possibly mentioning allergies. Refuse help from the bellman and go up to your room unaccompanied. Immediately open the minibar and...
Seven Tips for Keeping Naked Photos of Yourself Off the Internet With the huge celebrity hacking scandal that happened this week, maybe you're wondering how to protect YOURSELF from having nude selfies leaked online. Here are seven tips. 1. Don't take naked pictures in the first...
JOAN RIVERS died yesterday afternoon, one week after she went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing during surgery on her vocal cords. She was 81. Her daughter MELISSA said, quote, "My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do...
The Rams are trying to free up some salary cap space. The Post says the contract of Chris Long and Austin Pettis were restructured to save nearly 2.5-million-dollars this season. Long didn't lose any money while Pettis cut down from 1.431-million to 950-thousand. Rams are at...
Ferguson Police Department to be investigated by Feds... U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday a Justice Department investigation into the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, which has come under fire for its past practices in the uproar over the shooting of...
DRIVE-BY-WHORING #230 TERRI We are comin for YOU for cheating ...again...and again!