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THOUGHTCATALOG put together this interesting list: 1. Timestamping: Optimizing precious moments with a lover is a balancing act, so he’s counting minutes. “It won’t raise any red flags if I’m home by 6:00pm on the dot,” he rationalizes. Or, “If I call her every day at noon, she...
Three Reasons Your Man Might Cheat During the Holidays Not to freak you out or anything, but eHarmony has a list of reasons why your man might CHEAT during the holidays. Check 'em out . . . 1. He doesn't like how he's being treated. A man usually cheats because he doesn't like...
Police say it’s no joke: A guy drives into a western Pennsylvania bar and asks the owner for a drink. New Brighton police say the trouble is that 36-year-old Gordon Milligan, of Pulaski Township, literally drove into Wooley Bully’s bar on Sunday. Nobody was hurt, and the...
Tavon Austin returned a punt 78 yards for a touchdown as the Rams shutout the Redskins 24-0. Shaun Hill threw for 213 yards and two touchdowns for the Rams, who have won two straight to improve to 6-and-7. The Rams had seven sacks and held Washington to 206 total yards in the...
The Grammy nominees were announced on Friday . . BEYONCÉ,PHARRELL, and SAM SMITH had the most with SIX nominations apiece. All three were nominated for Album of the Year, along with Ed Sheeran and Beck. Beyoncé's six nominations give her 53 for her career, which is the most for...
So the rumor is that this didn't air for the reason that it was "cut for time" but maybe it's just a little too touchy of a subject right now. Either way it's funny, so we'll put it up!
FAIL: FORMER COP OF THE YEAR BUSTED FOR BUYING COCAINE There was a police officer in NYC...not just any cop. His name is Philip LeRoy. He's the son of a retired detective and was once the 114 precinct's "Cop of the Year." Officer LeRoy was decorated and highly respected by his...
MONDAY 12/1 A Key West Citizen reporter skipped out on his meal tab and tried to run a restaurant manager over with his car early Saturday morning, Key West police say. Terry Schmida, who turned 45 on Friday, is charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor drunk...