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It is time for another round of Real or Fake competition! Cast your vote on whether these cans are real or fake and listen Friday in the 9am hour for the results. Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and Country Rock Cabaret - the newest “Adult” Party Club...
A Woman Accidentally Dropped Her Two-Year-Old Into a Cheetah Pit at the Zoo We really shouldn't have to say this: Please don't dangle your child over a group of deadly, hungry animals. A woman was at the Metroparks Zoo in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday afternoon with her two-year-...
You Can Anonymously Send a Woman a Cleaning Kit For “Down There” How would you go about telling a woman she has some ODOR ISSUES? You know, 'down there.' The answer is . . . you DON'T. Luckily there's a passive aggressive product that's finally stepped up to help. There's a new...
Police charged an Orchard Park man with drinking and driving despite having warned him several times not to get in a car and drive. Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies say J.B. Silverthorn’s Monday arrest was under an unusual circumstances. Police say he was in court for an arrest in...
The Monroe County Medical Examiner's Office no longer will transport bodies in an unmarked, open-bed Silver Dodge pickup, says Sheriff Rick Ramsay. Medical Examiner Thomas Beaver, 59, came under fire from the sheriff, County Administrator Roman Gastesi and other local leaders...
Even after marriage, some things are best left buried. To this end, Thought Catalog asked 16 guys to divulge the one thing they will never tell their girlfriends (for her own good). Highlights (click on link for full list ) include: She isn’t the best I’ve been with in bed. I’ve...