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Pizza world delivered four delicious pizzas to us during today's show. You can order you own at !
If you’ve ever reached the bottom of a carton of McDonald’s fries and thought, I could probably eat 25 more of these , you may soon have a chance to prove it. One of the fast food chain’s newest locations in St. Joseph, Missouri, is testing out unlimited french fries, a concept...
A Traffic Stop Turns Up a Woman With 108 Stolen Calculators You rarely see criminals THIS dedicated to helping children get through pre-calculus. 23-year-old Antesha Smith of Las Vegas, Nevada was pulled over in Moorhead, North Dakota last week because her license plate was...
The Equipment at Your Gym Is 360 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat A new study looked at how filthy the equipment is at your gym. Spoiler alert: It's like 400 times more disgusting than something that's covered in butts all day. The average exercise bike and treadmill in the...
A fight between a father & son leads to a shooting and ends with the son behind bars. Police say Bobby Martin & his son, Robert got into a fight at their home on Birmingham Highway. Police say during that fight, Robert grabbed a gun in the other room and according to his...
Every year on April 20, marijuana enthusiasts collectively blaze it up in celebration of Weed Day. The cannabis-centric holiday falls on April 20 because when the date is written out numerically (at least in the United States), you get 4/20 — the number "420" has become...
Missouri House advances medical marijuana bill (AP) - Legislation that would legalize medical marijuana cultivation with tight restrictions on who could use the drug has won initial approval in the Missouri House. The House adopted the bill Tuesday by 91-59 vote after limiting...