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A man from Florida clearly needs a bit of a lesson on what constitutes as an emergency, after calling the police to complain that he didn’t have a fridge. No, it hadn’t been stolen. He was just dialling 911 to complain that the apartment he moved into was not fitted with a...
Here's Why You Should Pleasure Yourself Before Your Company Christmas Party Your company Christmas party is filled with land mines . . . and a psychotherapist named Lucy Beresford has a strategy for eliminating at least one of the big ones. She says before your company Christmas...
CIA torture tactics included sexual threats, rectal feeding The full scale and detail of CIA interrogation tactics, including the use of insects, a technique known as 'rectal rehydration', and the threat of sexual abuse, has been revealed in a damning US Senate...
The beatdown DIDDY delivered to DRAKE in Miami Sunday night might not have been as severe as people were initially reporting. We're now hearing that Diddy just punched Drake once in the SHOULDER . . . but he went to the hospital because it aggravated an old injury. Meanwhile,...
Four Secrets to Never Getting Sick We're getting into cold and flu season, so here's a list from of the four 'secrets' of people who never get sick. Although they're not really 'secrets' just common sense. Check 'em out . . . 1. Get as Much Fresh Air as Possible...
is from St. Petersburg, Florida, where on Saturday night a fella by the name of John Clark stole a 20-ton front-end loader. He wound up leading cops on a 90-minute chase through the city. He never did get above 25 miles-per-hour, but every time cops tried blocking his path, he’d...
"Strange odor" turns U.S. Airways flight into a vomit-soaked nightmare A Philadelphia-bound U.S. Airways flight had to make an emergency landing in Rome when passengers and crew members began vomiting all over the plane in a scene straight out of your worst nightmare...