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Oxford's Word of the Year Is "Vape" . . . And the Five Runners-Up The Oxford English Dictionary just announced their word of the year, and it's . . . VAPE. They define it as, quote, "to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device." Here are...
A Woman's Dogs Kill Her Neighbor's Dog . . . Now She's Suing the Neighbor For $1 Million? This woman might be the worst neighbor in the entire WORLD. What she's done to her neighbors definitely puts YOUR rage over your neighbor's loud music into perspective. Emerald White of...
Two Guys Try to Steal Some Girl Scout Cookies . . . And the Girl Scouts Fight Back and Stop Them You've got to respect a Girl Scout who doesn't just sell cookies . . . she'll FIGHT for those damn cookies. Two Girl Scouts in Anne Arundel County, Maryland were selling Girl Scout...
It's that easy. We give you a name and you tell us if it is indeed a Pro Wrestler or a Porn star! Marty Jennety ANSWER J.Diesel ANSWER Rod Martins ANSWER Mojo Rawley ANSWER Daryl Spangler ANSWER Marek Bonk ANSWER Tyler Breeze ANSWER Arnie Donan ANSWER Spike Dudley ANSWER Jeff...
Uganda singer photos leaked...she's in trouble Yes, it’s been a year of celebrity nude photo leaks . While the celebs in the West were hit by an iCloud mishap, nude photos of our African female stars are being leaked as a result of relationships gone wrong. Last week, Ghana was...
KENDALL JENNER is denying rumors that she's dating JUSTIN BIEBER. In a new "Nightline" interview she said, quote, "He's a longtime friend of our family. Everybody loves to assume things, but no [we're not dating]." Also in the interview, Kendall tried out some material from her...
Miss the annoucement or wanna hear it again to write some of the details. Listen in below to all we had to say about it and get all the info and details HERE
A man and woman are accused of dropping a child off at a gym so they could go drinking, according to a Palm Beach Gardens Police arrest report. A gym employee said she was opening the "Kids Klub," an area where gymgoers can drop their kids off as they work out, when she found a...