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Word has it there's a "Married with Children" spin-off in the pipeline featuring the son, Bud Bundy, who was played by DAVID FAUSTINO. David would return for the new show . . . but the other three main cast members wouldn't, although it's possible that they'd be back for cameos...
MONDAY'S HEADLINE HOOSHE: METH AND SWORDS A sheriff’s deputy made an unusual find as he arrested a man on drug charges: a two-foot sword was reportedly stashed in the man’s pants. According to an incident report dated Aug. 5, the officer saw Ryan Paul Coleman, 37, walking in the...
The amazingly funny/SUPER NICE Tom Arnold was in studio and he was awesome! Listen in below
20 jerk moves you make when you're drunk put together this fantastic list.. What's the most obnoxious thing you do when you're drunk? Listen below to some classy moves from us and some listeners: 1. Get too close when talking. “Blah blah blah politics blah blah blah...
Johnny Cueto outdueled Lance Lynn as the Reds beat the Cardinals 1-0 in Cincinnati. The Cards lost three-of-four in the series. The Cardinals are back home tonight as they open their final home-stand of the season. Colorado is in first for a three-game series. Adam Wainwright...
A guy in pokemon gear carrying a stuffed pokemon doll rushed the White House lawn yesterday Of ALL the days to jump the White House fence and rush the lawn, September 11th HAS to be the worst one. And this guy didn't just do it . . . he did it in a completely ridiculous outfit...
DOUCHEBAG OF THE DAY: Local man steals money from booster club! A parent at Oakville High School in charge of running the finances for the school's soccer booster club was charged with felony stealing after police say he wrote $11,475 in checks to himself from the club's...