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Missouri Auditor Died After Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich (R) has died after what police described as a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Schweich, 54, was taken to a St. Louis-area hospital on Thursday after what his office called a “medical situation”...
A Woman Passed Out With One Breast Exposed and Lots of Drugs . . . and Told Cops They're For Her Stripping Injuries A police officer in Key Largo, Florida was on patrol on Monday night, when he saw a woman passed out in a running car. She had one breast hanging out of her shirt...
Creeper: A Guy Burned Down a Sex Offender's House . . . and Burned His Own Face in the Process If you had to choose, would you rather live next to a sex offender or an arsonist? Russell Speigle is 50 years old, and lives in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. And earlier this year, he...
He's undefeated so far. Will someone take Moon's throne!? See how you do against Moon...
The Cardinals' first full-squad workout of spring training is in the books. The team held its first workout with all players yesterday in Jupiter after position players reported to camp on Tuesday. Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is set to meet with a specialist today in town...
Tough guy Patrico says he’s not scared of getting TAZED and that its “No Big Deal”…well the rest of the Rizz Show is calling him out! Patrico swears if we get 20,000 Ninja votes between now and Monday morning’s show he will VOLUNTEER to get tazed on the show. Want to see Patrico...