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Veteran arrested for refusing to hand over half his disability money to ex-wife! A Marine veteran would rather be locked up behind bars than give half of his VA disability check to this ex-wife. Terry Lynn, who is from Charlotte County, Fla., says he is in the process of getting...
This bitch not only cheated on her military man but she did it with a dude in HIS UNIT! First of all "unit" Listen in and check it out:
Former "Jersey Shore" star MIKE SORRENTINO . . . you know, THE SITUATION . . . has been indicted on tax evasion charges. Prosecutors claim he failed to pay his full tax bill on $8.9 million in earnings, and intentionally filed bogus returns. He's facing up to NINE YEARS in...
Three Health Mistakes You're Making Every Day Even if you eat right, don't smoke, and exercise all the time, there are still probably a few things you do that aren't very healthy. And you might not even realize it. Here are three health mistakes you might be making every day. 1...
Drunk man breaks into home...steals candy Police say a central Pennsylvania couple saw a man urinating with his pants down around his ankles moments before he broke into their home and grabbed a handful of Chick-O-Sticks from their candy bowl. Online court records don't list an...
"F**K IT" Reporter got 4-year-old neighbor sick off pot fumes... Charlo Greene's medical marijuana got a 4-year-old girl sick, according to an outraged Alaska father who has reportedly filed a restraining order against the recently revealed pot advocate. The former KTVA reporter...
A Deltona man who didn’t like his grandmother telling him to take off his shoes hit the woman with a kitchen chair, Volusia County deputies said. And when investigating deputies asked Justin Penner’s father, Mark Penner, what happened during the incident Thursday about 2:20 p.m...
A Teenager Crashes His Car When One of His Friends Lights His Armpit Hair on Fire You hear a story like this and you WANT to say that teenagers are getting DUMBER . . . but really, we were just as dumb. We were just dumb before there was social media to spread our stories of...