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Did watch "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" last night? Well, spoiler alert . . . it ended on a CLIFFHANGER. And you can actually vote on how it turns out. The result will be revealed in "Sharknado 4". (The movie ended with a piece of space shuttle wreckage falling toward Tara Reid's...
Six Signs You Should Use a Vacation Day Soon If you haven't taken much time off this year, it might come back to bite you. Here are six signs it's time to take a vacation day, or maybe even an ACTUAL vacation . . . 1. Every little problem feels like a huge issue. Most people can...
Rizzuto lost the last round of Real of Fake and the time finally came to pay his debt. His punishment: throwing out the first pitch at GCS Ballpark to start the Gateway Grizzlies game last a Speedo. Rizz faced his punishment like a true champ. Check out the photo...
Can You Guess The ’90s TV Icon Based On Just Their Hair? Take Our Quiz A lot has been said since, oh, roughly 2000 or so, of the ridiculous hair styles we sported in the ’90s. From crimping to flat tops to “The Rachel,” everyday humans and the celebrities we emulated on TV...
A Woman Who Shot a McDonald's After They Forgot Her Bacon Was Just Convicted Fast food rage is not a victimless crime. 30-year-old Shaneka Monique Torres of Grand Rapids, Michigan went through a McDonald's drive-thru in February last year, and ordered a bacon cheeseburger . . ...