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John Wayne Bobbitt broke his Neck in Car Accident. Years after having his manhood chopped off by his wife, John Wayne Bobbitt recently broke his neck in a car accident. Bobbitt was driving to his brother’s house in Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday when another car ran a red light...
A Guy Tried to Vacuum His Flatulence So the House Wouldn't Smell . . . But Ended Up in the Hospital After Vacuuming Out His Sphincter? A guy posted a story on over the weekend, and it's so ridiculous it's probably made up. But it's so AMAZING we're telling you about...
One father, a research fellow at Yale University, decided to find out, and the results of his study might make you cringe: Smartphones, Craig Palsson concludes, have caused an spike in the number of children getting injured, particularly for the 5-and-under set. “I argue that...
The FBI cracked a master hacker's hard drive...because his password was his cat's name There's something reassuring about knowing the best hackers in the world are just as lazy when it comes to picking passwords as we are. 29-year-old Jeremy Hammond of Chicago was the most...
And it's time. Time to see if people get general trivia right so they can win tickets and we can choose another HORRIBLE jelly bean flavor for Moon to try. Remember if they get it wrong, Moon stays healthy and we give out their number over the air! Here are today's questions for...
MONDAY'S HEADLINE HOOSHE: Keepin it classy at Arby's...oops, she stole my wallet Woman Stole a Guy’s Wallet on Their First Date But He Only Had $2 in It On Monday night, a 23-year-old guy in Portland, Oregon by the name of Jeffrey Mack agreed to meet up with 20-year-old Heather...