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Santa Should Get a Salary of About $140,000 This Year It would cost Santa TRILLIONS of dollars to buy all the toys kids ask him for . . . so I think it's safe to say he's operating at a MASSIVE LOSS. Sweet tax write-off, Santa . . . sweet tax write-off. An annual study looked...
Moms Do 23 Major Christmas Tasks . . . Dads Do Eight Christmas is great when you're a little kid and it's all toys and food . . . but Christmas is a JOB when you're a parent. Well . . . when you're a mom. As a dad, apparently it's still just toys and food. A new survey found...
A Wisconsin man told a sheriff's deputy he had not been drinking, but rather eating beer-battered fish when he was pulled over for what could be his 10th drunken driving offense, according to an incident report released on Wednesday. John Przybyla, 73, of Friendship, Wisconsin,...
The Rams host the Cardinals tonight on "Thursday Night Football." Kickoff is at 7:25 p.m. The Rams have shut out the Raiders and Redskins in their last two games to improve to 6-and-7. Arizona leads the NFC West at 10-and-3. The Cardinals beat the Rams 31-14 in Arizona in Week...
"Time" Magazine Chose People Fighting Ebola as Their 'Person of the Year' "Time" magazine just named its Person of the Year for 2014, and I'm going to come right out and say it . . . the Apparently Kid was robbed. Their Person of the Year was . . . the people fighting Ebola...
More documents have been released by the hackers who victimized Sony Pictures. And the most interesting one is an email from a producer named Scott Rudin, in which he RIPS into ANGELINA JOLIE. Rudin is a MAJOR player, and he's producing a new STEVE JOBS movie. He wanted David...
A man snaps on his Wife after an argument about anger management] Police in central Florida say a man faces domestic battery charges after assaulting a woman during a discussion about anger management classes. The incident happened Tuesday night in a motel room in Ocala. The...