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ROSIE O'DONNELL may have saved a life this week . . . but she also might be the reason that life needed to be saved. Rosie's split with her wife Michelle Rounds has been pretty brutal, and Rosie recently won custody of their 2-year-old daughter. On Tuesday, Michelle threatened...
Burrito-Eating Bus Driver Causes Albuquerque Crash Check out the video here The Associated Press Reported on the Death of "Yogi Bear" YOGI BERRA got no respect from the Associated Press. They sent out a wire alert yesterday morning saying, quote, "New York Yankees Hall of Fame...
Monday's #HeadlineHooshe: ‘House of Horrors’ in Hernando leaves neighbors stunned! ‘House of Horrors’ in Hernando leaves neighbors stunned! VIA: It is the stuff nightmares are made of, a House of Horrors so bizarre and demented, leaving many neighbors speechless. Inside...
Stephen Piscotty was 3-for-4 with a home run and four RBI as the Cardinals beat the Brewers, 7-3, in the first of four at Busch. Johnny Peralta hit a three-run HR, while Michael Wacha grabbed his 17th win. The Cards' magic number to clinch the NL Central is down to six. The...
Stampede Kills at Least 717 in Mecca A stampede during one of the last rituals of the Hajj -- the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca -- has killed more than 700 people and injured nearly 900 others in Saudi Arabia. The stampede occurred Thursday morning during the ritual known...
The Video is coming soon but Check out our Periscope for now!! Today's Items: 1. Used/Melted Deoderant 2. Rizz's Used First Pitch Speedo 3. Lipstick 4. Durian (The Smelliest fruit on the planet [from Thailand])