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An Italian Guy Can't Pronounce "Worcestershire Sauce" A video of an Italian guy trying to pronounce "Worcestershire sauce" is the big thing on YouTube right now. Something about hearing him mispronounce it over and over again is pretty entertaining.
Someone in eastern Russia was at a handball match recently. Yes, a HANDBALL match. And they started shooting video because a woman behind them was cheering . . . and had one of the weirdest, most terrifying screams EVER. She sounds like those "goats screaming like humans" videos...
Romance. It can start in so many places, in so many different ways. A chance meeting at a favorite restaurant or coffee shop. A shared interest in a local civic project or organization. A casual glance across a crowded room. Or, perhaps, while your wife is in labor, you fall in...
We find ourselves in the middle of the playoffs and oh boy things are getting heavy. Mr John Patrico reads and analyzes our previous FREAK OF THE WEEK winners to see who moves on for that Jerry Sandusky memorial trophy 1. PREGGY HILL 2. DAD MICHAEL MURRAY 3. BRING-EM YOUNG ***...
If BILL COSBY didn't do what all those women say he did, then this is tragic . . . because his career is seriously unraveling. Of course, if he did it, then he's getting exactly what he deserves. NBC has decided not to move forward with a new sitcom that Bill was going to star...
Colorado Springs police arrested two men who were shooting bottles in a basement on Saturday. Christian Clark, 28, and Codie Leslie, 23, are charged with prohibited use of weapons and reckless endangerment, according to police. Police responded to a report of gunshots inside a...
The Blues are back on the ice tonight as they take on the Canadiens up in Montreal. The Blues are coming off of a loss to the Bruins in Boston. Before that loss, the team had won three in a row and had won 9 of their last 10 games. Tonight, the puck drops at 6:30PM on Fox Sports...
Reverend Jarrett Maupin talks about Shanesha Taylor squandering Internet donations for her kids A mother who won public sympathy - and donations of more than $114,000 - after claiming that she had no option but to leave her two little boys in a sweltering car so she could attend...