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Check out Monday's #HeadlineHooshe: Kentucky man arrested after riding drunk on horseback ***WINNER*** Don’t drink and ride. A Kentucky man was charged with DUI after he was busted allegedly riding a horse while drunk, police said. State troopers were called to Betsy Lane, in...
A Guy Tore His Knee Doing the "Dirty Dancing" Lift at His Wedding, and Almost Died One of the most famous movie scenes ever is the end of "Dirty Dancing" . You know . . . when Jennifer Grey jumps up, Patrick Swayze lifts her above his head, and spins her around to "(I've Had)...
The States That'll Get the Most Drunk This Summer Summer's a great time to get drunk. I mean, so are fall, winter, and spring, don't get me wrong. But summer, man . . . A company that makes a breathalyzer for phones analyzed their data to figure out a bunch of stats on SUMMER...
MILEY CYRUS has snagged the only award that matters: PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian for 2015. And one of the things that put her over the top was her musical tribute to her dead blowfish Pablow . . . which included the line, "But watching my friends eat my friends ruined my appetite...
Lance Lynn fired six scoreless innings as the Cardinals completed a three-game sweep of the Marlins with a 5-1 win in Miami. The Cardinals are back at Busch tonight to begin a nine-game homestand. They play the Cubs in the first-of-three tonight, with John Lackey getting the 7:...
Franklin County homeowner said he feared for his life before killing intruder – for 2nd time this year A man who fatally stabbed an intruder in his Franklin County home earlier this week said he didn't mean to kill his neighbor — a man he also considered a friend. “We were both...
Two Cows Got It on in the Background of a News Report A reporter for a morning news show in Oklahoma City named Mitch English was doing a segment at a dairy farm earlier this week . . . and two cows started getting it on in the background.
The Newest County Fair Creation is . . . a Twinkie Covered in Caviar Remember when a deep-fried Twinkie sounded like a wild and crazy food creation? County fairs have pushed the envelope so far when it comes to food over the past few years, now it sounds mundane . . . especially...