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TARYN MANNING plays "Pennsatuckey" on "Orange Is the New Black" . . . but it sounds like the CRAZY isn't just an act. Taryn's makeup artist Holly Hartman filed a restraining order against Taryn, saying she's attacked her several times. The last incident happened in November at...
A Cop Accidentally Shot a Guy in the Arm . . . Then They Had a Very Polite Conversation About It A cop in Minnesota accidentally shot a guy in the arm after he pulled him over last June. The guy was on a motorcycle and tried to outrun him. And they hit 110 miles-an-hour before...
An Entire School Was Evacuated Over a Mysterious Accordion We live in paranoid times, I get that. And one might say that polka music is an abstract form of terrorism. Still, it's hard to wrap my head around this. Someone spotted a mysterious box in the music room at Walnut...
Mizzou is moving on without embattled quarterback Maty Mauk. The junior signal-caller has been permanently dismissed by the team. New head coach Barry Odom said Mauk violated team rules. He was suspended for a third time this week after an alleged drug video went viral. It's NHL...
Bikram Choudhury, hot yoga founder, ordered to pay nearly $6.5M in damages in harassment lawsuit The founder of Bikram yoga has been ordered to pay nearly $6.5 million in a lawsuit that claimed he sexually harassed and wrongfully fired an adviser. A Los Angeles jury awarded...
A Woman Beat Up Her Grandfather For Banning Her Cats I've learned the hard way not to call a woman who loves cats a "crazy cat lady." Because ironically, it'll make her crazy. 26-year-old Kelsie Shree of Daytona Beach, Florida is a lady who . . . um . . . is very passionate...