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It is time for another round of Real or Fake competition! Cast your vote on whether these cans are real or fake and listen Friday in the 9am hour for the results. Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and PT's - Real, Fake, and now Aluminum 24 oz. cans for $5...
A Teenager Is Busted For Posing as a Doctor at a Hospital . . . For a Month I would say this guy was totally inspired by DOOGIE HOWSER . . . only since he's just a teenager, he was born a few years AFTER "Doogie Howser, M.D." was already canceled. A 17-year-old kid was busted...
So, since some men are faking it, and out of "kindness," according to Harvard urology professor, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, is there any way you can tell? Sure! Here's how. 1. He Puts On A Ridiculous Performance AskMen actually has a guide for how dudes can perfect faking an...
Two-Thirds of Men Think They Know What Women Want in Bed . . . Less Than Half of Women Agree Men have spent thousands of years not understanding what women want. So I guess the fact that they STILL don't isn't all that surprising. According to a new survey, 65% of men said they...
Is your girl satisfied in bed? No really, is she? How would you know if she wasn’t? Most women don’t want to hurt our partner’s feelings and it’s always a little uncomfortable telling someone you love they aren’t performing in the ways that make your body feel good. It’s awkward...
Isaac Mizrahi Said the Moon Is a Planet . . . and His QVC Co-Host Thought It Was a Star Fashion designer ISAAC MIZRAHI is on QVC all the time hawking stuff. And recently, he and his co-host were talking about a women's shirt, and she said the green pattern reminded her of what...
Mailboxes are vanishing as people use mail less and less, but here's a quick tip . . . you can't create more mailboxes by knocking them up. 45-year-old Paul Bennett of Manchester, England was recently wandering around an outdoor shopping mall EXTREMELY drunk in broad daylight...