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33 Suspected of Overdosing on Synthetic Marijuana in Brooklyn via ny times There is a word that local residents and workers use to describe a group of drug users whose presence they say has grown around a busy Brooklyn transit hub: zombies. What was once a few familiar faces has...
Arrow Flies After Bar Fight That Led to Walmart Parking Lot Demo Derby via patch A fight in a Shorewood bar escalated to the point where one man pulled out a bow and arrow and let a shot fly, and then two cars repeatedly crashed into each other outside Walmart, police said. The...
Open Facebook right now and look at the first post in your newsfeed. It's about Pokemon Go, isn't it? Of course it is . . . because that's all ANYBODY'S talking about right now. After that stupid app came out, Nintendo's stock jumped 25%, and the company's worth jumped by $9...
Man accused of killing woman in drag racing crash is personal injury lawyer via fox10tv Involuntary manslaughter charges are being sought after two men who appeared to be intoxicated were involved in a fatal crash in Frontenac Friday night. Around 9:15 p.m., Kathleen Koutroubis...
It’s a relatively slow day in sports considering the only “sporting” thing on TV was the ESPYS…but…we do have some things to chat about. The ESPYS were last night. John Cena was your host and he did a pretty damn good job. He made some pretty solid jokes. He talked about...
A Woman Who Was Praying With Her Eyes Closed While She Drove Crashed Into a House A 28-year-old woman named Ruqiyyah Abdur-Raqueeb-Sadiq from Fort Walton Beach, Florida was driving on Thursday morning . . . and she decided to close her eyes and pray. So naturally she went...