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A Woman Tries to Steal Furry Handcuffs and Winds Up in Real Handcuffs One way or another, this woman was ending her night in handcuffs. 47-year-old Renee White went to a Walmart in Clearwater, Florida on Thursday afternoon and started shoving stuff in her purse. She stole a USB...
The Job Each State Googles More Than Anyone Else A career website called Zippia analyzed Google searches to figure out what job the people in each state search for more than anywhere else. And God bless Georgia. Here are the five best results. 1. Let's get the most important one...
A Guy Created an Artificial Intelligence Bot to Torture Telemarketers Remember when the "Do Not Call" list came out, and it was supposed to stop telemarketers? Until they figured out how to get around it? They deserve to be punished for that. And a guy named Roger Anderson...
Troy Brouwer's goal with 1:05 left in the third gave the Blues a 1-0 win over the Predators. Brian Elliott made 16 saves to log his first shutout of the year. The Blues are back home to host the Sharks tomorrow. Mizzou is at home tonight hosting Ole Miss. The Tigers are looking...
The NFL Is Low-Balling the Only Guy Who Has a Copy of Super Bowl 1 The very first Super Bowl aired on TWO networks back in 1967, CBS and NBC, and miraculously, neither of them saved a recording of the game. Even crazier, the NFL doesn't have it either. In fact, there's only one...
Suspects allegedly steal donut company van, later seen running with donuts ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( - Police say they are searching for two men who stole a donut truck outside of a hotel. According to officials, the suspects were loitering around the Hampton Inn on West...
Super Bowl Sunday may be the last time you see an icon on your TV. Not PEYTON MANNING. Rumor has it Dos Equis is retiring its "Most Interesting Man in the World" ad campaign. says the last one will air during the Super Bowl, and it'll show the Most Interesting Man...
BUZZFEED put together a list of 23 Moments That Make You Feel Like A Real Adult! We talked up our top ten. Check out the list from the link above and see if you're a grown up yet