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Frat Suspended For Banners Promoting "Freshman Daughter Drop-Off." Weeks after a sorority at the University of Alabama sparked a national debate for a "rush week" promo video that was more about bikinis and glitter than books and grades, a national fraternity at another...
The Cardinals made easy work of the Diamondbacks cruising to a 9-1 victory in the second of four. Jaime Garcia earned his sixth win. The Cards are the first team in MLB to reach 80 W's. The Cardinals and Diamondbacks go at it again tonight. John Lackey gets the 8:40 p.m start...
Porn star Danica Dillon is claiming she and Josh Duggar hooked up while his wife Anna was pregnant. Supposedley he paid for her webcam sessions too. Radar online says Duggar used the email address to set up a fake Facebook account under the name “Joe...
It Costs a Woman $976 Up Front to Land a Rich Guy I totally get why women want to date rich guys. You can only go on so many dates to Applebee's before you're craving something different. But if you DO want to date a guy with money, it's going to take a pretty steep investment...
The 10 States That Spend the Most Money at Walmart Walmart has done a very impressive job spreading around America like a gigantic, low-priced STD. So where is the outbreak the strongest? A website called analyzed Walmart's sales data from last year to find...
Some Idiot Tries to Dig Up His Father's Grave . . . to Argue With Him Some More You know, this MIGHT be kind of sentimentally sweet . . . even in a SUPER twisted way. 44-year-old Michael May of Stanford, Kentucky was busted at a cemetery on Monday night when he was caught...