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FOOD NEWS: UK chefs create human burger A British chef has created a burger that tastes almost exactly like human flesh. James Thomlinson used first-hand accounts of cannibalism to come up with the macabre meal. He reportedly read 1920s journalist William Seabrook's book "Jungle...
Man arrested after butt dial while talking about drug deal Mt. Pleasant police say they arrested a man for drugs after he pocket-dialed 911 and dispatchers heard him talking about getting high and going to a drug dealer's house. The call came in to the Maury County 911 Center...
MONDAY'S HEADLINE HOOSHE: Camo pants, AK's and....alcohol Volusia County Sheriff's Office deputies said a Deltona man frightened neighbors Tuesday morning and delayed school bus routes when he fired nearly two dozen rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle. Frederick Wenzel IV, 28,...
It wasn’t just any iPhone 6. It was a limited-edition, gold-plated iPhone 6 Plus. But after Artist Kenny Irwin got his hands on it, it was a scorched, inert brick of melted plastic and sapphire glass. In its torched state, the price of the phone has jumped a mere $399.99 to a...
"New Toilet Paper" promises feces free hands ' A New York man's Kickstarter page is raising funds for a "new toilet paper" he says uses "pocket cleaning power" to guarantee "feces free hands." Michael Findlay's page on the crowd-funding site says using "extra layers of toilet...
It looks badass and there is quite the familiar voice in it. Here is Moon and his band Greek Fire in DISNEY / MARVEL's new feautre film BIG HERO 6. Check it out: Check out Greek Fire HERE and HERE for a link to get TOP OF THE WORLD OFFICIAL TOP OF THE WORLD VIDEO:
Can you imagine JUSTIN BIEBER providing the voice for KITT . . . the talking car from "Knight Rider" ? Well, it's happening.DAVID HASSELHOFF says he asked Justin to do it as a favor, for an upcoming movie called "Killing Hasselhoff" , which is a comedy about a guy who tries to...
The Cardinals begin their final series of the regular season tonight in Arizona. Michael Wacha takes the mound for St. Louis. The Cardinals' magic number to clinch the National League Central is three. Eli Manning threw three touchdown passes to tight end Larry Donnell as the...
Texas court affirms creeps right to take upskirt photos For the time being, at least, 50-something Ronald Thompson can return to his hobby of "snapping pictures of small children in their swimsuits underwater, without parental permission, at a San Antonio Water Park," because a...