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Registered Sexual Predator wins $3 million lottery jackpot! At the Florida Lottery headquarters, Timothy Poole, 43, posed for a photo with an oversized check after claiming his $3 million Scratch-Off prize. But when the image hit the Internet, others recognized the 450-pound man...
A Guy Got Stuck in an Elevator with a Crazy Dude Being stuck in an elevator is bad enough. But imagine getting trapped with a stranger named Jesus who might also be NUTS. Some guy posted a series of videos on YouTube after it happened to him recently. The two of them were stuck...
The Morning When you're a kid you wake up far earlier than you ever would on another day just to get to your presents. When you're an adult , it's the one day you could sleep in, but you have to get up before the sun with your kids and their excitement. The Wish List When you're...
Four Holiday Fire Hazards According to a new survey, 63% of people don't pay close attention to fire hazards during the holidays. But you're MUCH more likely to start a fire this time of year . . . here are the four main reasons. 1. We light more candles. 34% of people admit...
A Man Is Busted Walking Around Naked and Pleasuring Himself . . . and Blames It on His Mom Not Letting Him Watch Porn in the House It would be pretty jarring to look out your window on a lovely winter afternoon and see a FULLY NAKED MAN walking down the street, FONDLING himself...
It's easy, we name one of those College Football Bowl Games and you tell us if its REAL or IF we made it up! (FAKE)
A new survey asked people to name the strangest gift they'd ever gotten from a coworker. Here are the best answers . . . 1. A box of Hot Pockets. 2. A chess piece . . . just one piece, not a set. 3. A fire extinguisher. 4. A coupon for a free lawn game the coworker had invented...
It’s nice to get your co-workers a little something for the holidays. Unless it’s one of these things. 1. Lingerie. Obviously. But also, no gift cards for Victoria’s Secret or anywhere else that might be inappropriate. 2. A self-help book. Especially if it’s about work, or how...