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We can all agree things like football and hockey and tennis are sports. We MIGHT even agree that things like golf and auto racing are sports. But what happens when we get into things that blur the lines even more? Harris Interactive just released the results of a poll where they...
Hot Christian Blogger will no longer wear yoga pants There’s a 25 yr-old blogger named Veronica Partridge – who has been getting a lot of attention for a blog post earlier this month in which she vows to no longer wear leggings in public because of her religious beliefs. The...
Check out Drive By Whoring #245 - Listen to The Rizz Show light up CAROL, the two-timing hooker.
Justin Bieber ASKED to be skewered by Comedy Central because he wants to make a public declaration he's screwed up a lot in the past, but he's figured it out and has changed for the better. Justin himself asked to be roasted to celebrate his 21st birthday. We're told he views it...
A Guy Gets Stabbed in the Head in Mexico . . . But Plays It Cool at the Hospital, Even With Scissors Sticking Out of His Brain There's a 32-year-old in Chihuahua, Mexico named Jones Acevedo Monroy whose nickname is The Gentleman. And it's clearly because he's a charming smooth...
A central Florida woman faces a child cruelty charge after authorities say she drove down a busy road with her teenage son on the hood of her car. Winter Springs police say an officer pulled over 43-year-old Tojuana Lowe Thursday morning as she was traveling on State Road 434...
The 5 WORST Types: 1. Karaoke The only thing worse than the people who do vocal exercises and lung stretches and shit before trying to out-Adele Adele are the gaggles of drunken assholes who insist on preening through all 48 choruses of "Livin' on a Prayer" in a manner that lets...
Seneca Falls woman, drunk on vanilla extract, arrested for DWI in Walmart parking lot Macedon police arrested a Seneca Falls woman who was found driving erratically around a Walmart parking lot, drunk on vanilla extract. Carolyn Kesel, 46, had consumed two hand-sized bottles of...