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"I Am Cait" premiered last night. And the first episode followed Caitlyn Jenner as she introduced herself to the world through her "Vanity Fair" cover, and to her family. It turns out Kanye West helped Kim Kardashian deal with all the changes. Caitlyn Jenner played tennis with...
Check out the results from week 3 of another round of Real or Fake competition. Who will take the lead after week 3? Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and Country Rock Cabaret - the newest “Adult” Party Club in Sauget, Illinois! Here are the boobies in...
Philadelphia Mailman Hoarded Over 22,000 Letters He could face up to six months in prison. 22,500 pieces of mail have been retrieved from a Philadelphia postman who began hoarding them over a year ago.Patrick D’Ambrosio, 48, is accused of stealing mail and hiding it in his car...
Root Beer Beer: Summer’s Latest Craze Root beer is the flavor of the month this summer and aptly named “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” is flying off the shelves according to retailers. Created by specialty brewer, Small Town Brewery of Wauconda, Illinois, it has been around for a...
A Woman Tried to Take a Selfie With a Bison and Got Flipped in the Air People take absurd risks on a daily basis for the sake of selfies. So it's inevitable things will go wrong once in a while. A 43-year-old woman from Mississippi was at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming...
Check out Tuesday's #HeadlineHooshe: Pennsylvania man charged with driving drunk twice in 4 hours Pennsylvania man charged with driving drunk twice in 4 hours A south-central Pennsylvania man has been charged with driving drunk twice in a span of about four hours. Police first...