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HUFFINGTON POSTS TOP 10 Weird Stories of 2014 It's a simple equation: 2 penises + 3 breasts = 1 weird year. We are living in a time of amazing body parts. A man with two penises really did step into the spotlight briefly, and so did a woman who claimed to have a third breast...
The Rams are in the market for a new offensive coordinator. Brian Schottenheimer has left the team after three seasons to become offensive coordinator at the University of Georgia. He will also coach the Bulldogs' quarterbacks. The Rams ranked just 28th in total offense this...
A Shoplifter at Macy's Tried to Escape by Smearing Poop on Security Guards If you're looking for a classy woman, it's hard to imagine anyone who could compete with this special lady. 32-year-old Marisol Toribio was shopping at a Macy's in Coral Springs, Florida a few weeks ago,...
Do you want to live in an America where ADAM SANDLER has NINE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS? Because you do. He picked up his ninth last night, for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor. And sure, it's only the People's Choice Awards, but still. Meanwhile, white rap proved just as popular as it...
Sony unveils the new walkman with a $1200 price tag... Sony may have stopped production on the classic Walkman years ago, but the brand name is alive and kicking. In fact, at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company revealed its latest entry in the line, the ZX2...
90% of Your Coworkers Would Rather You Stay Home Than Come in Sick Here's how much your coworkers hate you when you're sick . . . they'd rather do extra work than be in the same room with you. A new survey found 90% of people would prefer their sick coworkers stay home than...